Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What Does Art Have To Do With Redemption?

If I have learned anything about redemption is that it is multi-faceted and when God begins to redeem our lives, He will redeem everything, even our creative side. Creativity is our birthright as a son or daughter created in the image of our Creator Father.

When sin comes in and we stray far from His plan, our gifts and talents are hidden, but when He redeems us, the light goes on in His perfect timing and we begin to see again. We are reminded of who He created us to be and remember things that were forgotten. He is amazing that way, He doesn't waste a thing. Read more here...

Join me at Come Alive Conference where I am a guest blogger today. You can read how He has been protecting and redeeming my creative side. You will also discover what kind of artist you are.

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