Thursday, September 6, 2018

On Your Mark, Helping Survivors Begin Again: Atlanta Redemption Ink

Abuse leaves its mark, there are scars we see and scars we don't. Through her non-profit organization Atlanta Redemption Ink, Jessica Lamb is helping survivors remove the physical scars left by abuse. She also advocates, mentors, and champions survivors of abuse, self-harm, sex trafficking and gangs. She offers hope and healing through her own journey of overcoming and walks alongside survivors as they take steps toward freedom. Through her contact with them, she offers love and acceptance and treats them with respect, a first for some.

Jessica is one of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever spoken to. A beautiful picture of Christ's love and redemption. She is aware of the nature of abuse and seeks to restore dignity to the survivors she comes in contact with - a gift for those coming out of abusive situations that have left them without any.

Redemption's Champion (RC): After hearing about you and Atlanta Redemption Ink, I couldn’t wait to talk to you and hear more about your non-profit. You offer hope to people coming out of hopeless situations. Please tell me a little about your vision and mission for ARI.

Atlanta Redemption Ink (ARI): The mission of Atlanta Redemption Ink (ARI) is to restore dignity to survivors of exploitation, trauma, and abuse by changing marks of hurt into depictions of hope. We offer free tattoo cover-ups and removals to survivors of sex trafficking, former self-harmers, and former gang members who are left with physical reminders of their past.
RC: How did having your marks covered help you heal?

ARI: For me, it was like closing the final chapter to that part of my life. Cutting those soul ties and trauma bonds. It was freeing and liberating.

RC: How have you seen God use what you do to heal the people you come in contact with?

ARI: The moment I see a survivor come through the shop doors or meet me in the parking lot, I offer to pray with them. There is excitement, nervousness, and anticipation to become free from physical reminders of pain they've endured and replacing it with something they choose and signifies recovery for them. Although the process can be long and difficult, to see their faces light up and the joy afterward is beautiful. It's truly a God experience.

RC: I know you love the arts, what are the ways you express your creativity? How has this helped you heal through your journey?

ARI: I am thoroughly enjoying the arts, always have. I find singing, music, writing, drawing and painting very therapeutic. It's like for a moment, no matter what I'm working on I can exhale and express what I'm feeling into color and design. It brings me a lot of joy.

RC: You are hosting an art show up in Conyers, Georgia on September 22nd, 2018, what was your inspiration for this event?

ARI: One of the things that has inspired me to do this event is often when we think of people who have gone through trauma, abuse, and a difficult past we immediately assume that's all they are is the sum of their past experiences. For this event, I wanted to focus not on the difficulty but the triumph from the difficulties, the recovery, the hope, the healing. Strip the negative labels and focus on redemption. Although the whole journey is important, my heart is to see community encouraged by seeing the transformation of lives from victim to thriver.

RC: What are you hoping to achieve through this event?

ARI: I hope to raise awareness and support for survivors on their journey, depicting us as the thrivers we are.

RC: How can people find out more about ARI?

ARI: Our website is and we are on Facebook and Instagram as Atlanta Redemption Ink

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Would you consider supporting the mission of Atlanta Redemption Ink by clicking here or coming to the art show in Conyers, GA on September 22nd? I will be there and look forward to encouraging Jessica and the many survivors she has helped. I hope to see you too!

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