Monday, May 11, 2020

Rewriting the Narrative

There is a running narrative that plays in my mind. It’s the story my psyche has developed over the course of my life. It tells the story of the good, the bad, and the ugly. But sometimes, it tells stories that aren’t redemptive, that aren’t hopeful, that don’t speak love, stories that would keep me believing that I am stuck and nothing will ever change. Sometimes these stories have kept anxiety at bay and given me space to do the hard things in life, but that doesn’t sound like a story I want to tell. In hearing these narratives for almost half a century now, I have changed the way I listen, so I can hear Him, the author and finisher of my faith. Listening to Him, I can rewrite the story with truth.

The definition of rewrite is essentially to write it again, with a better ending. God has been rewriting the narrative of my life, so I’m going hand over the pen.

He says the story isn’t over
He says I’m not stuck
He says it’s all for His glory
He says I have a purpose
He says I am His
He says I am redeemed
He says I am forgiven

And you know what? His story is better.

It’s a story of Love that pursued through abuse, struggle, and pain. It’s a story that gives choices even in the worst of circumstances. It’s a story that trumps darkness and brings light. It’s a story of hope and redemption. It’s a story that says all is never lost, only rerouted.

In the middle of the mess, the Author whispers, “I’m right here and I will never leave you alone. You are mine and I have inscribed you on the palm of my hand.” And with faith even the size of a mustard seed, I say, “I believe you and I want Your story to be told through my life, even if it means rewriting the narrative.”

And though your beginning was small, 
your latter days will be very great. Job 8:7


  1. A much-needed message today....THANK YOU!! :)