Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Love Wins...Still

Love Wins! - 24"x24"x1 5/8" mixed media on birch wood panel

Art isn't something I do, it is who I am! It is an overflow of how I'm evolving as a human, how I'm learning, changing, and growing. It often symbolizes deep truths that I convey to the world in word or abstract form. 

This piece is no different!

Love Wins has been forming in my heart for over five years and I believe my heart is finally catching up to the revelation.

I am most proud and humbled to share this piece:

This piece tells a story, a story of broken hearts, lost dreams, hopelessness, and restoration of all things! It's my story of fully submitting myself to the love of Jesus to heal all the broken places and triumph.

He has been whispering "love wins" to me most of my life and I am finally starting to get it. Love always wins! Bad doesn't win, hate doesn't win, abuse doesn't win, only LOVE, because that's the way He planned it.

My earliest revelations of this truth came in the form of art too. You can read about my first glimpse into the fruit this would produce here. Then only two months later I would be gifted a piece of art, untitled at the time, but later called, "Love Wins." 

I've said this before, but I will say it again, "When God really wants you to hear something, you are NOT gonna miss it!" Sometimes we are preoccupied trying to hear Him, but we need not be, His heart is set on us hearing His voice.

So this message, "love wins" is one He really wanted me to hear and it has echoed in my heart for five years, now I share it with the world at a time where we need love to win more than ever. **Spoiler alert**It does, that's how the story ends, love wins.

I have sat with this, I have sketched it, I have conceived it and now birthed it. Welcome to the world "Love Wins!" - we've been waiting for you.

Love Wins is available for purchase, message me for details.

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